Need Help Sourcing Organic, Non GMO, Soy Free Chicken Feed - New England/North Eastern US

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    I feel like there's been a lot of discussion boards devoted to the organic, non-gmo, soy free food sourcing situation lately and I was hoping to get some feedback from my area - North Eastern US (I'm in Vermont). We've been feeding our girls an organic feed, likely with soy and maybe GMO (not entirely clear on whether it is completely certified organic … the labeling situation is a mine field!) and just had our first case of wry neck! So we're reconsidering our feed situation (assuming the case is related to a vitamin deficiency). I've already ordered from Scratch and Peck via Amazon, but the shipping rates are probably not sustainable for the long haul. Does anyone have any suggestions for other brands? or local feed or really any other solution? I'd even consider making my own. I'm stuck. Help! (and for the sake of efficiency and clarity - I don't think I'd be open for debating the viability of our choice for organic and non GMO… some of the other threads got pretty mired with that instead of finding resources - thanks for understanding).

    And just to recap - I need help finding resources for Organic, Non-GMO, Soy-free chicken feed… Scratch and Peck shipping is kicking my butt… and the feed from my local farm store isn't cutting it. Thanks!
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    nice thread sells scratch and peck...I don't know if they deliver on the East Coast.

    You might try making your own and source everything you can from the feed store.
    another thread

    I am in WA and if I were you I'd make my own feed.

    Don't forget the Fertrell products like redmond mineral conditioner and nutri-balancer if you want to give artificial vitamins and some minerals along with your feed recipe.

    Modesto milling is in CA but there may be another place like that on the East Coast.
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    You should be able to get Green Mountain Soy Free Organic in VT. The only other one I know of on the East Coast, other than Countryside in VA is Organic Unlimited in Atglen, Chester County PA. Their website is, but they do not have a lot of distributors. Maybe you can get a local feed store to carry something. The other option is to go to and see if their are any farms that distribute their minerals. I have a local farmer near me that is a distributor & makes his own organic soy free feed. Hope this helps.
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    You didn't say which feed you're switching away from, but yes, like Cindy, I would definitely recommend Green Mountain Organics. One of the company's reps, Eric, is active here on BYC, and very quick to answer questions or address concerns. I live in NH, just over the border from Brattleboro, and I can buy Green Mountain Organics at Agway or at the Cheshire Horse in Keene, NH. Not sure where you are in Vermont, but if you have an Agway, you should be able to get Green Mountain Organics. Or, if you find Eric on here, I bet he'd be able to help you figure out the closest retailer.

    I have previously used Countryside, but wasn't really happy with the quality. I'm 90% sure the problem is that there wasn't a high turnover for it where I was buying it, and it was getting really dusty and full of insects sitting around in a warehouse for months. Other people seem to really like it.
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