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  1. samaridad

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    May 3, 2015
    First time with chickens so here's what happened.
    My favorite luelue who I found her in the morning with crookneck. Farmer I got them from. told me to start an antibiotic for flock and her. Ran to tractor supply and started and put her in a separate cage. Did this for one week but saw on this site to start vitamins for a baby. Quit the antibiotics. Also quit for flock after one day. They were all "out of it" just standing around. So I listened to my inner self and quit.
    So I'm giving her Gatorade and vitamins but she will not eat. She has started to drink when I put it on her beak a little. ( trying anyways) improvement! What should I feed her and how it's been 12 days now.
    Okay part two!!!!! And why I quit antibiotics
    I was down by coop when they were roosting and saw
    Henreatta knock Mercedes off the roost she fell 4 feet and can't use either legs. Nothing feels broken. So I have keeped her away from the other chickens. She eats and just lays on stomach can't move with out using wings. Giving her vitamins and Gatorade also. Henreatta seems to want to sleep under other chickens. Knocking them down while asleep. she got put up separate from everyone. So I figured luelue was knocked off and got a head injury. She is wasting away but is fighting this. She is strong and fights me feeding her drink and meds. She's mad (and very vocal) but I take my time and get them in to her. Would like to see solid food, tryed cat food scrabble eggs not much other either eaten. I have been giving her fluids every hour or two.
    Bring her inside and hold her while having my coffee. But I don't get any work done caring for both "ladies" I need to build the hen house ( winter coming ) so I have done all I can think of !!!!!! Need advise
    They are family and will do all I can until the Good Lord takes them or they are cured.
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    May 25, 2014
    Davis, CA
    That sounds complicated, but the first thing I see is the Gatorade. All that sugar can't be good for them. And you didn't say what vitamins - NutriDrench is probably the safest thing to give and easy if you have a gallon sized waterer.
    It is really bad that you can't get the sickest ones to eat. 12 days is a long time. You are trying wet cat food, right? What about a raw egg?
    I'm on this thread because one of mine was breathing bad. Gave her a raw egg this AM, went to get NutriDrench and Tylan and she was so much better when I got home! Not that the egg cured her, just that it is good nutrition.
  3. samaridad

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    May 3, 2015
    I'm cutting the Gatorade half and half and will try the egg not sure how but will. The vitamin is poly vi sol by enfamil it's the only liquid vitamin I could find in the area it's made for infants. And yes can cat food. Thanks for your help

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