need help to make perfect silkie pen

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    Jul 1, 2007
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    I think this should go here if not sorry. ok heres the deal. I really want to breed silkies but hubby hates bantams that have to be caged. so we settled on a free range laying flock. but i really want silkies. so im thinking tractor breeding pens. want would be a good plan for maybe a 5 chicken tractor. or smaller. or maybe a side by side tractor what would be really neat. we built a tractor but it is so heavy that it only gets moved when the grass is died. This way its kinda a compromise they mow the lawn and nothing eats them. any ideas. im really bad at designing things. id really like a side by side one. basically a tractor for ten divided in half. so 2 runs and 2 coops in one. if that makes sense.

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