Need help with cracked egg now! Membrane exposed.


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Feb 15, 2016
We had a broody hen that hatched 3 babies out yesterday, and then decided she was done. Left, buried and trampled the remainder of the nest. My 11 year old (chicken master) just sent me this picture of an egg he rescued from the remainder. I'm 2 hours away and can't get home for another 6. He says it's peeping loudly in there (or at least was an hour ago). I've never had this situation (we only use broody hens to hatch or buy baby chicks) - we don't have an incubator. He's put it on a heating pad on low.....what do I tell him to do next? Wet the membrane? Help it? Does it look like it's being shrink-wrapped? He said he can see wet feathers thru the little hole, but no beak. Not sure what day it is....she was sitting on a nest we found late in the game with eggs from multiple hens. View attachment 1911530
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