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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by scooter147, Jan 5, 2009.

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    Ok, I am in the market to buy a new tv as my old one in the living room is on the verge of going kaboom ( I am actually waiting until after the Super Bowl as I have read that is the time of the year they are the least expensive) so I started doing my homework and went and did a little pre-buying shopping yesterday.
    HEAVEN HELP ME!!!!! I have never been so confused in my life, so many choices, sizes, brands, types, HDTV this, LDTV that, Pixles this, and chips that, so on and so forth.
    Can anyone help and make this simple and give me the 1st grade version of what I need/want?
    I obviously want an HDTV, cannot be more than 42 inches wide and it will be hooked to cable and a stereo and dvd player. It surely cannot not be as complicated as the salespeople and displays made it.
    I want to spend less then $2500 and plan on doing a 12 month same as cash plan. I hate buying things on credit (except my home) but at the cost of these things and free money, I'll do it.
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    What do you want the TV to be for? Movies, gaming, etc.?
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    ok well you got 3 sets of HDTV's. plama, LCD and RPTV (Rear projection) 1080P is the highest as of now for resolution. I plan on going RPTV since is cheaper and you can get a nice 42" for under $2500. Problem with them is they are big and bulky. I have a LCD in my room and its ok. Plasma is pretty good since it blocks out glare. I know new plasmas have prevention on burn ins. LCD is good for gaming and movies.
  4. hypnofrogstevie

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    Jul 12, 2007
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    Both types of screen are good in a darkened room but LCD's keep their clear, bright image in brighter conditions better than Plasmas. The size has a bearing on their performance too. For several years, plasma dominated the upper reaches of size, while LCD often outperformed in the smaller (13" to 37") range.

    LCDs retain that bright, clear image better than most Plasmas even under varying light conditions. Both types perform well in darkened rooms, but LCDs have a slight advantage under brighter conditions and more room arrangements. Inherently anti-glare, these sets look great in almost anyone's setup.

    For several years, plasma dominated the larger sizes, while LCD often outperformed in the smaller (13" to 37") range. With improved technology, both types do well, with LCDs now available as large as 65". Though, of course, you pay a premium for the larger size.

    During those same years, plasmas held the advantage in viewing angle. The nature of LCD panels makes them lose some contrast and the ability to project deep blacks as the viewer moves to the side. Images can look gray and 'washed-out'. Even colors can shift subtly.

    LCD's offer a wide range of uses. Older models struggled with motion blur (games and some films or shows require 12-15ms response times to avoid streaking), but current offerings have largely overcome that limitation.

    The LCD/Plasma HDTV comparison has levelled significantly in the last few years. Today, except for the extreme sizes, the choice comes down primarily to price, reliability and that ever-elusive 'best picture' quality. Although you can buy online, be sure to 'test drive' any set you are considering under good lighting conditions with a quality source.

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