Need help with newly hatched chick and mama hen.


Apr 13, 2012
So my broody hatched one egg out today. :weee She made the nest and wouldn't budge moving anywhere else out of it. Now that baby is hatched I tried to move her to her own separated are. She turns on the baby when I do that!!! Problem with current area is that baby will not be able to walk out of it at all. So I am stuck in a Bind. I figured I will get her out later when she bonds with baby I guess? But then the nest will not be an option going back because of same inaccessibility reason as I mentioned. SO any options on how I can move broody somewhere so she doesn't turn on baby? if not any other options you can think of?
Most of the time the newly hatched chicks hide under momma until the eggs all hatch - is this going to be the lone chick? I would let chick hide under momma. I had a lone chick with a broody hen. At first she was not good with it. I am not sure if they ever really bond but feed her and feed the chick. I had them seperate from the flock. If you remove the chick then you will have to raise it. If you have another broody you can try leaving it with the other broody and just remove momma from the equation. I had a bantam cochin who was an awesome momma and a cream leg bar who was always broody but a horrible momma.

Good luck
Well I do not want to remove chikie from mama. I just want to make sure whatever area they are in they can go in and out of, right now they cannot. So that is concerning because once they will want to they won't be able to. How long did you keep the broody and chick separated from rest of flock?

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