Need help with then gender of my leghorn


6 Years
Apr 28, 2013
My family bought a fairly large amount of chickens a while back. We bought about 4 different breeds. We thought we bought all pullets(idk if i have all my terms right) We have had them long enough to distinguish the gender of almost all of them. We ended up getting a couple of roosters, it was understandable given how hard it is to determine chicks genders. All of the chickens are either crowing or laying eggs, except one, Eggbert. Eggbert has absolutely no tail. Its just rounded at the end. He(im used to calling eggbert a he) doesn't crow or lay eggs. A couple of times I have spotted him sitting where the hens lay eggs and little bit later he was making the 'big egg' call. I went over to check if their was an egg where he was sitting but there was not and we had gathered the eggs before he 'laid'. He has done this a couple of times. My mom even checked for a vent but she didn't see anything. His body structure favors a hen. What is Eggbert?

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