Need ideas for 4H club name :)


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I just got approved to be a 4H leader and am having a hard time coming up with a club name. Its going to be a mixed poultry and rabbit club. Fluff and Feather, Fur and Feathers are already taken, so I need ideas from all you quick witted peeps, cause my "quick witted" hasnt been working for a few So any and all ideas and help would be greatly appreciated and Ill post later what we decide....Thank you!!!
I think being in 4-H that you should go more generic. You might have people leave/ come into your group that are interested in more than chickens and rabbits. Just a thought.
As I understand 4H, it is up to the group leader as to the specific orientation of their group. We have a 4H equestrian group in my neighborhood. It doesn't do other types of projects. The 4H poultry groups I am aware of don't do non-poultry.
You are right Sonora Silkies, this group is just for poultry and rabbits. I was given a choice to either separate groups or combine the 2, so Im going to give combining the 2 groups and see what happens? So if kids are doing both, they would stay for the whole meeting, verses if they are just doing rabbits they would just stay for the first hour? Good idea,bad idea???...I absolutly love Peep's and Squeeks so far
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ABSOLUTELY! But this would give you a chance to start a kind of support group for others who are equally insane.

You know, "Misery doesn't love DEMANDS it!"

Seriously, this is a great idea....Let me encourage you to go for it!

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