Need ideas plans for small, very portable Coop/Tractor


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Mar 8, 2009
Northern Indiana
I'm looking for a very simple design for a small coop that can easily be built and be moved easily. I haven't built anything like this myself..

This will house 2-3 chickens and will be multi purpose.. I intend for it to temporarily house the chickens, and I hope they will dig up the ground for me. I have areas I want to plant in the garden and the back yard. It will be semi-permanent- will need a place to lay eggs as well as roost at night. For long term, I will have a regular coop and run (the frame is all there, I just need to fix the roof and put new wire up- it was badly neglected by the past owners).

I was thinking I don't want the small coop/tractor to be more than few feet long- would prefer to be able to pick it up myself and carry to a new spot.
I've been looking at plans for A frame tractors, but I'm not seeing a place for a roost in them and I'm not sure about the nest box location requiring a ladder..

Any ideas?

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