Need ideas/suggestions for my winter coop predicament...

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    Jan 27, 2012
    Very long story short, I have a RIR hen separated from the my other nine chickens and I'm about to leave on vacation for about 2-3 weeks. I have a small run built for her that is right next to the other coop and I've been bringing her in the garage at night in a little cat carrier. However, while I'm gone our dogs will be in the garage at night, so she can't be.

    So, the plan is to make a little bed for her in her run. Do you think it would be warm enough for her (being by herself) if I make a 3-sided plywood box around her cat carrier to shield the wind/rain, as well as put a tarp around the run blocking the wind from the direction it comes? I could also put insulation between the plywood box and the cat carrier and her carrier will be filled with pine shavings.

    I live on the coast in NW Oregon, so it shouldn't get too cold while I'm gone. Last week it started freezing with temps 31-35 F. The forecast for the next ten days shows lows of nothing below 40, so I don't think we'll get anything below 30 while I'm gone.

    I understand most chickens are hardy down to at least 0 F, but I wasn't sure about one hen by herself.

    Any suggestions appreciated.

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