need info on Silver Laced Cochins


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Apr 22, 2008
upstate SC
I think they have a lot to do with who you get them from. I have some standard Cochins that are fabulous layers and some that are not so great. It hasn't shown to be color related in my case.

I have many more colors than what I show on my web site but they all seem to lay well enough. I have a black hen that lays only 3 eggs a week but most of the girls lay at least 5 eggs a week. I even had one go through her molt and continue to lay a few eggs a week. Surprised me but I feed a high protein food during molt so that may be why. And her genetics perhaps.

I do not have a Cochin that is SL but I think they would be beautiful. Make sure to take photos!


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Mar 5, 2007
Im getting some soon and i want to know are they good layers, i know they are good setters and pics would be nice if you have some.... maybe some when they were little and grown...... thanks

This is a rare color when it comes to "show quality" infact I've personally never seen this variety at shows. I would LOVE to see someone put the work into this beautiful color. I'm not sure if that's your goal or not, just thought I'd mention it:) I'm attaching a PDF file of silver laced cochins you can read through, it's VERY informative with lots of pictures for you to look at. I hope this helps....

Good luck,
Shari CochinB Eng.pdf

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