Need laying hens in North Georgia (Got Some, Thanks!)


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Mar 10, 2009
Cartersville, Ga.
I had a ton of chicks and gave away a lot of them. Turns out that I kept 6 roos and one hen.
I am looking for 4 good layers,young preferably, but not mandatory. Breed or mix doesn't matter (other than medium to large egg layers) I don't need anything exotic for that coop.. All i want them for is their eggs and pets. I'm picking up % barred rock hens tomorrow...Whoo-hoo!!!
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Apr 13, 2008
Bowdon, GA
Hi I have a pen of Rhode Island Red and white rock mix that I bought as one day old chicks for the purpose of having eating eggs to sell. Our poultry are fed with great feed, sprouted grains and treats from our full time chemical free garden. We take the care of our animals very seriously and spend hours with them every day. Please see our feed back on the feed back board as it related to poultry sales and also egg sales.

They are very faithful layers and just now one year old. As you might know from my other posts in other parts of the board, I am a big hatcher and am overrun with baby chicks - that are just a few weeks old that I'll need to be keeping for our breeding flocks - such as white leghorns, bbs orpingtons, buff orpingtons, speckled sussex, black copper marans, etc! looking for a large pen.

Please pm me with your phone number if you are interested and I'll give you a call.

Thanks and have a blessed day
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