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    Ok so our house is normall 20% humidity all winter and is currently. When I ran it dry it said 20%so I added water to the bottom tray all that I could and it has not raised the humidity at all. I finally got the temp to set right but now I dont know why I'm not getting humidity. If I cover the holes that would defeat the purpose of the forced air wouldnt it? The bigger holes are plugged still but there are smaller on the bottom and on the top. I"m just afraid that there wont be enough ventilation if I put something in the holes. I really would prefer not to do a dry hatch. I was reading about that yesterday on here. I am going to try a towel on the bottom and see if it will give/wick more moisture into the air. Any other suggestions besides sponges. This is that cheaply made unGodly expensive incubator from LIttle Giant 10200.
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    The main problem is that you've such a low environmental humidity. All I can suggest is to reduce your ventilation further so the air in the incubator has more time to saturate to a higher humidity level. Increasing the surface area with an absorbant cloth/flannel that 'wicks' into a water reserve will be helpful. Hopefully you have a seperate hatcher which can achieve a high humidity for hatching.

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