Need more good reasons to raise hens/eggs fighting city

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    Can you all add some good talking points to use in the fight against the right

    • a hen that's allowed to eat bugs, seeds, grass and other goodies from your yard and garden, is proven to produce more nutritious eggs.

    The eggs have a deeper color than factory-eggs. The deep color indicates denser nutrition, rich in beta carotene, vitamin D, vitamin E, folic acid and vitamin B-12.

    Less bad cholesterol

    • By raising your own hens, you'll know they are humanely treated.

    You can feed them wholesome feed that's free from antibiotics and growth hormones, most of which they will forage for themselves.

    In factory raised hens and meat birds, antibiotics and growth hormones are often passed onto us through the eggs and meat.

    the chickens are kept in cramped cages or close confinement indoors.

    • You can preserve endangered breeds. These heritage breeds have been reduced in numbers because the commercial growers focus on the faster growing types.

    • Chickens are small and can easily be raised in portable mini-coops which can be moved around your yard daily. This is good for your lawn and keeps the hens happy eating bugs, seeds and grass. Chickens also eat termites, grubs, fire ants, grasshoppers, fleas and flies.

    • They are quiet and make good pets. It is the roosters that crow and make the most noise. Just 3-4 hens are quieter than most dogs. At most they squawk when they lay an egg and make small clucking sounds when scratching in the dirt.

    A hen will lay an infertile egg almost daily. The only reason to have a rooster is for fertile eggs to raise chicks. So, you really don't need a rooster for egg production.

    • There are many breeds to choose from: most are dual-purpose, which means they provide both meat and eggs.

    Some are very small and lay tiny eggs. Some lay brown or green eggs or even speckled eggs. Fancy breeds have topknots of feathers on their heads while others have feathery legs.

    • Raising chickens with your children involves them in learning where their food comes from. Many children today think their food somehow comes from the back of the store.

    Raising chickens in your backyard is easy and entertaining.

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    How about the free organic fertilizer?

    They eat food scraps that would normally go to waste in the trash.

    They provide a source of food for your family, meat and eggs.

    How about the fact that millions of eggs have been recalled from major suppliers? No backyard chicken eggs have been recalled to my knowelege.

    You are better able to perform quality /health control with your own animals.

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