Need new homes for my babies ASAP, Central PA

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  1. cheshie

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    Mar 14, 2010
    South Central PA
    I currently have 13 chickens that I need to part with due to a change in circumstances.

    I have 2 roosters that are believed to be white leghorns (approximately 8 weeks old), 2 easter egger pullets (one is 8 weeks old and the other 6 weeks old), 2 barred plymouth rock pullets (8 weeks old), 6 straight run silkies (6 weeks old), and a red baby that is 4 weeks old.

    They have been raised with lots of love and attention and I really hate to part with them, but I must move and cannot take them with me. There are many farms around me that would take them, but I am hoping that these wonderful pets can go to someone who will love and cherish them as pets, not just egg laying machines.

    Please e-mail me if you would like specific pictures and I will gladly get those for you. I am asking $5 each, but would be willing to work out a deal to ensure that they go to a proper home.
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  2. myfester

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    Dec 8, 2009
    Oxford, PA
    What county are you in? I wouldn't be able to take all of them, but would consider a couple of silkies...and believe me...they would be spoiled...I'm constantly teased of how spoiled by babies are. I'm not into breeding, so they lay when they lay (if they are even hens)...we eat the eggs...not any of the chickens. I just "lost" a 1 month old silkie I got from a hatchery and really, really wanted some silkies to complete my brood. So depending where you are and if you haven't already had takers, I'd be happy to help. I'm located in Chester County PA, which is eastern PA, but would be willing to meet.

  3. 44later

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    May 26, 2010
    I could take a few silkies of your hands
  4. sgtmom52

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    Quote:She had this on a past post
    I live in Penn Township, Cumberland County, PA​
  5. Blackburn

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    Apr 18, 2010
    Indiana County, PA
    I could take the barred rocks and easter eggers if you decide to separate.
  6. salena34

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    Mar 28, 2010
    Hi. I am new to Backyard chickens. I , too, am interested in the easter eggers and the silkies.
    Let me know.
    [email protected]


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