Need NON-CHEMICAL Organic Fungicide for Fruit Trees

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    Okay - with all this rain I have some kind of fungus on my peach tree thats killing it. [​IMG] I need some type of non-chemical organic fungicide to kill off what is on it. I believe it is either Peach Scab or Brown Rot. The blossoms are dead and some of the braches/twigs are dying out and look like they have camoflage on them now, which they didnt have earlier last week. Has to be all this rain and now its raining AGAIN.

    Anyone have any ideas? It is a self polinating Elerberta peach.

    I also have 3 pears, 3 apple (non-self polinating) and a cherry ( self-polinating) so whatever you have that will work on all of them would be terrific. Insecticides as well as I need to keep the beetles and fruit flies off of them, but still allow the bees on them to cross polinate. Add to this grapes, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries.

    I've never had to spray them before with any type of fungicide, but we've never had this much rain and crazy weather either since I've planted them.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Mar 21, 2009
    I have heard of the chamomile spray but never used it, but thanks, I did bookmark the site [​IMG]

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    i use a milk/water spray for white powdery mildew but it works best if done arly in the season before it gets bad. I spray everything down with it, soil and plants.

    edited to say I use other things but cant remember and my books are in the room ds is sleeping in I will look them up in a hour or so.
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    Liquid copper is supposed to be organic. But I would research it more to be sure.
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    Fungi have a specific range of environment they like to live, that's why you only see mushrooms a certain time of year, after a rain, at 0930 AM, at exactly 62 degrees etc...
    Anyway, If you change something critical LIKE THE PH by spraying a weak solution of acid (like tha apple cider/vinegar solution) or a weak base (like a solution of baking soda) it kills the fungus.

    I don't recommend the copper because it will leach into the soil and really goof things up.
    Try the "Home made" stuff first.
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    Here's a link to their website: & it has a dealer locator.

    This stuff is GREAT. I use it on my citrus trees, fruit trees, rose bushes & epiphyllums. We are constantly fighting fungus and so forth in our heat & humidity down here.

    I use the All Seasons Bonide. I've used other natural oil-based sprays but this one far surpasses anything else I've tried.

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