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I recently purchased this little roo at the auction. He is a sweet little guy and starting to get used to being held. At first I was just happy to have bought a little Gold Sebright, but now after looking at his color pattern, I am a bit worried. He looks more mottled to me. Is that just because he is only 5 weeks old? Or do you think his markings are why the previous owners sold him?

Little gold roo (5 weeks)

Silver pullet (5 months)

I've never really had any this young, so I dont know if he will get better feathers and be laced like my Silver pullet or if he will stay mottled like this. Sorry not the greatest pic, but the feathers on his body are similar to his chest. His feathers look more gold with black tips, instead of the line of black around each feather. I will try to get a few better pics later this morning.

Just wondering if I should resell him and find a better gold. Or will his feathering change?
I don't think he's a Sebright I'm afraid. Sebrights have rose combs and that little guy have a single comb so that tells me he probably has other varieties mixed in there. His coloring doesn't look quite right for a young Sebright either, at least the color pattern is not something I've every seen in a young bird. He is cute as a button though!

After looking at the additional pictures he looks a lot like a young OEG. Couldn't tell you the color patterns though.

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Duh, I didn't even think about the comb.

I bet you are right. There are a lot of people that bring OEGBs in there for sale. And it is where I got my Sebright pullet, so I just assumed what was on the box was correct. He is cute, but I was hoping for a Sebright to pair up with my pullet. Bummer.

Thanks so much for the help
People will sell you all kinds of mutts at auction, you have to question EVERY label on the boxes!!

Last spring I went to an auction and someone had 60 pairs of "Sorta - Bantams"(you could tell they were Large fowlXbantam mutts). I guess one parent of all these was a sebright, since most of the birds sported a rosecomb and lightly laced(but in most cases just black tipped) feathers. Some even had feathered legs.
All were labeled as either purebred golden or silver sebrights.....
I think at that auction was only 1 acctual "pair" of sebrights(and that was a mature rooster and a juvi roo).

My friend almost bought some of the mutt ones thinking they were sebs, but I could convince her otherwise(I raised both gold and silvers, so I know what they def shouldn't look like). Each pair of "Sebrights" went for $65 and up..... I feel sorry for all the people who bought them thinking they got the real thing...... that is pricey for a pair of mutts.

You lil roo kind of reminds me of my buff japaneseXgolden sebright crosses I had a while ago.
He is so cute!
Yeah, the problem is a lot of sellers themselves don't even know what they have or what they're selling. I had one guy try to tell me a mille fleur colored, feather legged bantam was a rosecomb. He didn't believe me when I told him its wasn't a rosecomb. Hmmmm....geee....maybe I was wrong? *lol* Not likely

Anyway, I guess what I see a lot of is the blind leading the blind. It drives me nuts when I see someone speaking with 'perceived' authority about something they have no two clues about, and the people listening to this person and taking it all in. Now you've created a situation where someone who doesn't know what they are talking about has just taught a bunch of other people misinformation. Happens all the time!

One old guy who was just getting into farming (and I use the term lightly) tried to tell my neighbour that mothballs will keep chickens out of their garden. My neighbour was explaining this to me as I watched his chickens take a dust bath in his garden right next to the mothballs! *lol* What do you even say to stuff like that?

Oh I know what you mean, totally.

A few auctions ago the auctioneer was getting ready to sell a pair of adult chickens, he says, "Oh them theres some of them pretty Wyandottees". They had feathered feet and I am almost possitive they were Light Brahmas. Whoever got them probably assumes they got Wyandottes.

At least I only spent $2.50 on the little roo. My lack of experience got me this time. Hopefully it won't happen with my next purchase.
LOL. If you want a sebright roo, come get mine! He's 7 weeks old and REAL flighty. All the other hens and a possible roo, are so sweet. Lets you hold them, what not. This guy WOOH! Sorry it ain't a sebright! Cute pullet though!

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