Need Opinions on Bantam Cornish


8 Years
Feb 23, 2011
Crossville, Tennessee
When we ordered our chicks last year, I really wanted to get some. There is just something about that stocky build that just appeals to me.

What are they like on a farm? Do they forage well? Make good mothers? Lay frequently? Do their babies sell well?

I am trying to narrow my breeds down to just a handful of specific breeds and I think these may be one I would choose. I like the whites and the darks.

Are they heavy eaters? Grow quickly to slaughter weight?

Also, are there any breeders on BYC that ship either eggs or day old chicks? When I start buying the new breeds, I would like to get good quality. Does McMurray have good quality bantam Cornish?

Thank you!
I'm curious about what the hatchery bantam Cornish look like, as well. I know there's a huge difference between the LF Cornish from breeders and hatcheries, but I almost don't mind the lighter build on the hatchery Cornish. I wonder if it's the same with the banties.
I was reading some old thread and I think someone mentioned they'd probably be light-bodied and have longer legs. I learned they do eat quite a bit ...but I didn't learn how much that was, LOL.
I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks! I really like the way she looks.
She is shorter and overall probably smaller than my OEs or anything else I have, but she's broad and might weigh just a hair more than a few of the other smallest birds. Really neat, although I've never seen her sit on eggs even once I don't think.
I'd definitely have some more, if nothing more to just look at and have something unique!
bantam Cornish are great birds, the difference between show quality and hatchery quality is similar to the stds. The bantams grow out much quicker than the standards, but will grow out much like any other breed. Our bantams have dressed out at about 1-2 pounds. The legs and thighs can get a little chewy, so cooking become important.

They are a relative calm breed. As they are growing for there size they can eat up a storm but after they are grown they are much like any other chicken. They are active and fit in well in most situations. As for layers the our bantams are better layers than our standards but I would not call them excellent layers. We have had a few hens go broody, and other don't not.

If you would like to see our Cornish please check out
we don't sell eggs or chicks. We do sell young birds, as breeders. We just do not have facilities to hatch out as many ans we would like and have had poor luck w/ eggs so this is where we are at. Currently we do have some white bantams available, Our whites are not quite were we would like them SQ wise but are more Cornish like than hatchery whites.

As for the Spangleds we only have one pair left for ourselves and are trying to reestablish them.
your spangleds are lovely, way more typy than those i have seen in person here......whatever became of your colombian project you mention on your website?....have any photos of the progress???..sure would be neat to see

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