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Mar 29, 2011
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I have a year old BO and Wyandotte. I'd like to add three chicks in June. I have been reading some comments that Australorps are really loud. I live in a track house and am close to my neighbors. I don't want problems with a breed that's too loud.

We were thinking of adding a: Brahma, and Australorp, and a Plymouth Rock. We chose these breeds for egg size and temperment. We want friendly girls that can be confined for half the day.
Any opinions about this would be appreciated.

1 Buff Orpington, 1 Blue Laced Wyandotte, 2 cats, 2 dogs, 2 beautiful kids, and 1 tolerant husband.
I don't know much about the other two breeds you mentioned, but I do have some black australorp hens in my flock. I do not think that they are any louder than my other hens. I actually think they are pretty peaceful and quiet. They are VERY docile and friendly. They love to be up to greet me....enjoy being held. I love the breed a lot. They are calmer and more docile than most of the other hens in the flock. Quiter than my Buff Orpingtons for sure.
My easter egger is very active, but gentle and quiet. She doesnt mind being in the coop half the day. And easter eggers are very good layers! Especially if you want to have the fun of guessing what your EE's egg color will be!
Mine MAY have started laying last week. I say MAY because I'm not sure if its her or my cochin. But I am fairly certain it's the EE. If it is, she is DEFINITELY a good layer, for a beginner!
Cochins have a good temperment too, based on my experience, but I'm not sure if theyre the best layers...
I agree with other poster. I have 5 BO and 5 Australorps and the Australorps are not any louder than the others. Really the only time they make noise is at laying time or when they see me walking towards them.
We have several different breeds of chickens and our Light Brahma is tied for my favorite. Bindi has a wonderful, sweet disposition and not any louder than average. She is really big, maybe 10 pounds and lays 3-4 med-large eggs per week. I like her so much I got a Dark Brahma chick this spring. Millie is very friendly and will lay in your hand peacefully and love to be held.

We also have a Barred Rock. She is our dominant hen and even survived a battle with a fox. Splash is a good chicken and lays 5 large eggs a week on average and would also recommend that breed.

I have not had Australorps or Orpingtons, but friends who have them love both breeds and think they are perfect for urban settings.
easter eggers are docile and quiet. Though i have one that complains alot....
My favorite is a scrawny scrappy little Polish crested. She lays a gorgeous, large white egg everyday. and she is terribly entertaining.
I have experience with both. The Plymouth Rocks are the smartest chickens I have ever owned--very inquisitive. Mine are much quieter and more pensive than most of the other breeds--my RIRs are pretty loud. The only possible issue with the Rocks is their inquisitiveness and independent streak--I have two white Rock hens that like to forage the grounds on their own, far from the rest of the flock. The barred Rock roo is my favorite rooster so far--crows rarely, intelligent, good-tempered.

The Brahma--she's a bit more skittish and thus more apt to squawk than the calmer breeds. She was also mean to the fair-haired chicks last year--pecked at them savagely. She's not one of my favorite breeds.

I heartily agree with DancingHen's assessment of the black Australorp. With the possible exception of the Turken (I only have 4 turkens, so I don't have a statistically significant sample), the black Australorps have been the all-round gentlest and most docile chicken breed we own. They also make great mommas--three of our BAs are way past their prime in laying eggs, but will be kept the rest of their natural lives for their willingness and excellence in brooding chicks.

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