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florida lee

8 Years
Apr 6, 2011
My local feed stores here carry Purina, TSC brand which I hear is made by Purina and no one seems to like and the Manna brand.

What is your opinion of Manna brand of Chicken feed, namely "Egg Maker". The Walmart here sells the Egg Maker for $12.00/40 lb bag.
I was thinking of going with the Purina Layena.
There is a reason why Purina is so big and popular. There feed is top notch. If people could see what all they do to get poultry to eat/like there food they would be really surprised how much care and thought goes in to there products. A lot of time and research goes into there feed! They set the standards and the other follows (copy). I will say I have only one time ever bought a lesser brand (only cause they were out of Purina) and I was more then happy to go back to Purina. I'm sure people out there might like a different product thats a few dollars cheaper. But as long as Purina is making it, I'm buying it! Gee, I sound like I'm indorsing there products. I'm just a happy customer!
I would feed either one. Both are perfectly fine commercial layer pellets with all the nutrients and minerals chickens need to maintain health and lay good eggs.

I personally have fed Purina Layena for years because that is what is available nearest me.
Purina is big and expensive because they are an older and more established company with more corporate bucks behind them. They sell their pretty packages for more money but that doesn't necessarily mean the food inside is any better, just means they have the bucks to pay for a better marketing department.
If Purina is so great, why would they put their name behind such crap as Purina dog and cat chow? Really, the Purina label doesn't mean much to me at all.
I've not found a chicken feed that I'm happy with, mainly because all three feed stores near me are strictly Purina dealers so I have no other choices for comparison.
This week, I'm formulating a ration from whole grains and I'm going to start seeing how my birds do with whole, fresh grains/legumes/greens. I can always go back to Purina so I figure I have nothing to lose.
I agree with much of what you say, however Purina Dog & Cat chow ARE NOT made by the same company that makes Purina Layena. They do have dog food (Exclusive brand & others), but not the Purina foods in the grocery store.
Well it's too bad that Purina has sullied their name with the crap dog and cat food, because like the PP if I hear the name Purina, I automatically think it's crap food no matter who it's for.
We feed only Nutrena to all of our animals from goats and rabbits to chickens, duck, geese, quail and peafowl.

The dogs and cats get Taste of the wild and the Pyrenees also get Wolf King.
Ever since the huge melamine recall of pet foods and chickens I've been extremely skeptical of any processed animal feeds, especially ones with plant protein by-products.
My dogs are fed fresh raw meats and I'm starting to feed my chickens more and more fresh foods and whole grains. I'm calculating a ration and I'm satisfied that everything can easily be provide without needing to resort to " fast food for chickens " by Purina. I really think the reason bagged pet food and livestock feeds took off is due to our lack of knowledge and desire for fast foods, not because the bagged foods are superior in anyway. Back when I was a kid, it was rare to feed your horse anything but whole grains and hay. Now, you go to any stable or forum and everyone freaks out if you say that you're not feeding "Ultram" or "Strategy" or at least a ration balancer because for goodness sakes, how can you know if your horse is getting everything he needs?
Same with BYC. Every thread reads that way. Someone states they want to make a homemade ration and everyone jumps in and says NO, you can't possibly be as smart as Purina!
I'll get off my soapbox now. It's probably time to go eat some dry people kibble from Purina. Got to make sure I get all my vitamins and protein to stay healthy. Complete and balanced for every stage of life, grown in the sun, you know!

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