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    I have to take Oriental Coleslaw to a party tomorrow. I have made it once but misplaced my recipe.[​IMG] I looked up several recipes but some call for cider vinegar, some white vinegar and some balsamic vinegar. I don't know which to make [​IMG] I thought I would ask all of you for recipes that you have tried and liked to keep me from creating something no one can eat. Thanks in advance!
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    The one that I have calls for cider vinegar, dried ramen noodles, the ramen packet mixed with the vinegar and some oil, chicken if you like, some sort of dried nuts. I usually use slivered almonds. And or course cabbage.

    If this is the one you are talking about, then the type of vinegar would be your choice for taste. I personally would stay away from the plain white vinegar and use either a cider, rice or balsamic. Any way it would be good. It is just a matter of taste.

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