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help! There'a an elderly woman in henderson, ky that has been ordered to part with her pet chickens. If you dont mind, would you please sign this petition to help her keep her chickens? The poor woman is devastated! YourLinI have just visited GoPetition and found the following page very interesting:

I have just visited GoPetition and found the following page very interesting:

Regards:fl there's a link where you can see her story, it's been on the news here. Thanks!
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In the past, I have been told many times that internet petitions are not effective because they are easy to manipulate. It doesn't hurt to take the time to try, but if you truly want to help, you might want to see if there is a more effective way? Please don't take this as a criticism, just what I hope will be a helpful suggestion. I feel so badly that this is happening. I think that most local governments don't care if people out of the area sign a petition, but they care about their constituents and they might listen to individual letters that are written with thoughtful constructive information on why people should be permitted to keep chickens.

Good luck!!!
You can also follow her story by listening to The Chicken Whisperer on his Backyard poultry radio show here :

The date she is on is 6/11 and he talks about what is going on with this case, and The county code enforcement officer from her county will be doing an interview with him on the 6/17 Wednesday DON'T MISS IT!!!

You can listen to all his shows new and old on that website!!

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