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Jan 6, 2011
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My husband talked me into entering some photos in our county fair this year. I am REALLY stuck on writing the descriptions, though. Writing is usually easy for me, but when it comes to things like this, I just go blank. Do any of you have any experience with what they look for in art descriptions? The fair entry booklet didn't specify. I included one of the images below for an example. Thank you in advance!

mallardno1 by JJordanPhotography, on Flickr
Ok, I hate to be obtuse here, but I'm not sure what you mean by art description. I even did a search on Yahoo and there isn't a hit on "how to write an art description". Are you referring to naming your piece for exhibition?

Something like this? The image below is titled:


And I had to come up with an artsy name for this one for a college grade (he had us research song titles, quotes, poetry and such before the assignment):

Sail Your Ship On By

being that it is a county fair and not a big city art gallery, i'm suspecting they want a general description of the subject. like "mallard duck on a pond," maybe when and where taken. doubt they take description into account in the judging. usually just looking for interesting pictures or subjects with a good shot.
No, it's just a description. The photo is already named. It is a county fair, so it isn't juried. Aggie - I think you're right. It probably just needs a basic description, but the website provides only an empty box for text and no guidelines.
At my county fair, I usually just write a short description of what my picture is and possibly the type of conditions I took the photo in. "mallard duck on pond" would be perfect. If you took it on a cloudy day you could add "Mallard duck on pond during cloudy day". It's just really so the judges can understand exactly what they are looking at. It's helpful with some of the more artsy photos where it's difficult to tell!

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