Need piglet advice!!!


Nov 27, 2017
Argyle, Manitoba Canada
So I am our local sick/injured animal lady and today I got a surprise piglet....

Litter mates were starving it out and farmer was going to let it starve but the daughter brought it here.

I picked up milk replacer and have a heating lamp going he went from not being able to stand to being able to stand and eat a few times on his own with passing urine and bowels.

How old is this piglet? It’s a Berkshire


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I've never raised piglets, though Dad sometimes had one or two in the barn. My grandfather, however, did. I'm sorry to say that the "let it starve" attitude is not uncommon.

I'd guess about a week and a half old. They grow really fast.
My mother raised an orphan pig. She used a formula with canned milk. When I raised an orphan I found a baby pig feed and mixed it with warm milk to make a gruel. I forget how old he was when I started feeding him this but he slurped it up. One night I ran out of milk and mixed his gruel with water instead of milk. He was not happy. That pig screamed all night. I made sure that never happened again.

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