Need roosting ideas for inclement weather

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    Dec 5, 2013
    Before I ask my question, here is a quick rundown of our run and coop:

    24x24 horse corral cut in half (PVC framed wall). Entire thing is ground to ceiling chicken wire over 2x4 mesh. All covered by a corrugated steel roof. We essentially converted a horse stall into a chicken run.

    We also inherited a Prefab chicken coop building (one of the kind you can buy online). It has a small ramp up to it with a roost inside followed by two laying boxes. This is on one side of the run.

    Here's the issue: our five chickens (which are free range during the afternoon) roost on top of the prefab Chicken coop (on the ridge line). They don't sleep inside.

    We are in San Diego so the weather most of the year is perfect for this. However, when it rains (funny thought with a drought) the wind and rain come in sideways leaving no shelter for the chickens. They just don't go inside the prefab "cute" coop.

    Does anyone have a suggestion for building a three sided roost? It would need a small roof over it too.

    Am I being ridiculously worried about my chickens getting wet, especially based on my location (ramona - San Diego county)?
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    South Georgia
    They probably find it cooler and with a nice breeze outside, in your climate.

    It sounds like you just need a roost in the horse stall part; perhaps I'm not really understanding your setup.

    Remember, however it turns out, chickens slept in trees for ages -- and still do in many places, like where they , are feral or fed but not housed. Their "fur coats" keep them warm, and they otlerate cold much better than heat.

    Here is a thread that shows a bunch of sort of "3 sided coops" used by people in warm climates. Maybe it will give you a good idea!

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