Need Some Ideas-Chicken Hit by Car


6 Years
Jun 16, 2016
I need some ideas. My chicken was hit by a car a week ago. He has one leg that he will not put weight on. When I lay him down, he sits up straight with the good foot tucked under, but the bad leg just lies out behind him. His foot on his bad leg will grip my finger but he won't keep it under him. I'm assuming it's broke. I took a tupper made box, laid a towel over it and pinned it down. I cut holes in the towel and set him in there so he's not bearing weight on the bad leg. I put a box in there for his good foot to stand on. He will stay content for about 10 minutes and then he likes to do a back flip out of the towel. Literally. i'm not sure if I should strap his wings down or if I should use something other than a box for him to stand on. It's not comfy.. if he's tired he can't rooster. Ideally he needs something that will support him when he stands but allow him to lay down/roost when he's ready to rest.

Any ideas!? Thank you!! :)

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