Need some reasurance..broody bantam sitting

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    Mar 17, 2009
    My bantam is sitting on three fertilised not sure what day she is on as im all new at this...on 14/3 she was definatly sitting, maybe for a 2/or 3 days that will make her maybe 20 days today ...ive candled a while back and the chicks were moving and took the two eggs away which weren't fertilised(we do have a cockeral), then i candled about 3/or 4 days ago and couldnt really see anything as the egg was full appart from the air sack at the top..the eggs are quite small half the size of a normal chicken...sorry to be so vague as im new to all this and this is my first time

    there is no pip and i cant hear any sounds..but today she had moved her eggs to the other end of the coop and still sitting...she is separated from my other two chickens in the coop but they can still see each other, she has food and water, her comb is really pale pink

    im i just being really impatient or will something happened soon...the kids cant wait...i check her a few times throughout the day and shes not agressive but she was 'talkative ' this morning is that a sign that something will happen

    how long should i have to wait for bantam eggs to hatch...and if they are dead i will i know
    thanks in advance

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