Need some Silkie Showgirl help/advice please! :) Any advice is appriciated greatly!


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Apr 24, 2010
I am interested in purchasing a few Showgirls and I need some advice. The Showgirls I am looking to buy are 3 1/2 hours away from me and shipping for two is $25.00 and shipping for three is about $35.00.

She is asking $50 for this partrige and I think she is very nice and good quality, but I need advice on a fair price. I am fairly new to silkies and would just like some insight before I purchase. I am very interested in this one. What do you guys think?



She also has a black showgirl pullet for $35.00. I like her too, but again, need some advice and opinions. She informed me that the black one is missing two toenails on one foot. They think incubation related.


The paint male showgirl in the photo is also for sale. I am on the fence about him though. I would need to re-home my non-standard (bad quality and wrong comb type) male. I need some major advice with all three haha! They are asking $25.00 for him, but the shipping cost ($25) would go up $10-$15.

Please help! Any advice is super appriciated and greatly needed! :)

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And I should also give some info about my current Silkie. This is Mr. Priscilla FancyFeathers. The previous owners were sure he was a pullet. Nope. He has a single comb and 6 toes on his right foot. I might have to give him back to his old owners since they wanted a roo anyway. Especially if I get the paint boy but I really dont know if I want to spend the extra money on him and extra shipping. I really need advice :)


Also, I just joined the 4-H poultry program, so I also need to know which would be the best for a 4-H project. Thank you so much! :)

Before you spend $50 on that "Partridge" Silkie you might want to read the Standard description forthat particular variety.
That's exactly what I was thinking, NYREDS. I thought Partridge was more towards the reddish side and not so much brown. That's why I was kind of worried. What color is she actually or is she just a non-standard color?

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