need sources of kitchen scraps for grubs......ideas please!!


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9 Years
Aug 16, 2010
So, we are looking to feed our chicken more grubs (black soldier fly larvae). We already have a biopod working nicely but we don't have enough kitchen scraps. We are a family of four with two small children, one still on formula. We are using all of our kitchen scraps right now but its not enough. Recently we had a family party with a lot of guests and my husband made a separate garbage just for food scraps. Holy cow did we get the grubs out of that! Its shown me that if we found a good source for scraps we could potentially increase the amount of grubs and decrease the feed. We are also looking to save costs on feed since we are a bit picky about that and we make our own with organic grains. No, I don't want cheap feed. I just want more grubs! I have heard that some grocery stores will give away their old bad produce. I can't seem to find that in our area. Any other ideas???

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