Need This Coop Gone Ny Thursday Please


10 Years
Jan 9, 2010
Hello. I desperately need to sell this before Thursday if any way possible. I will take $250 or obo or trade. I REALLY NEED IT GONE. The lady i made it for said to make it then my bill is now a week late. I have a past due wood bill and have a non used coop out here. Come and bring a huge truck or trailer and take it home. It is 4' wide x 10'long. It is red and is made of pressure treated wood. It is trimmed out to make it look nice. I spent over a week on just the run. It also has a nesting box in it and a roost. Has a hole in the side for ventilation. Has a 3'x3' door for you to get in. Will not leak. Caulked every single corner, crack and crevice. It is predator proof and has black shingles on it. The house is 4’x4’ and the run is 6’long x4’ wide. Has wire on the top and sides of it. Very secure. I will trade also on this. I just really need it gone ASAP! I will trade for: certain chickens, welder, Lawnmower(walk behind or rider. No push please), or any kind of farm equipment. I am also looking for silkies and cochin chickens especially. PLEASE COME AND GET THIS BEFORE THURSDAY. Also for faster response, leave your phone number. Also leave what you would like to trade for and we will go from there. Thank you very much!
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What part of TN are you from?? I have a few cochin and silkie chics and my Dad has a racing go-cart (if I can talk him into parting with it)???

Hello. I am in east Tennessee. I am about 40 miles East of Knoxville. If interested please let me know. Thanks a bunch.

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