Need to cover your coop? Here's an idea...

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    We had to replace the flooring in a mobile home we're selling and we had to put some moisture barrier under the wood laminate. We had a roll of the stuff left over when we were done so I decided to use it on the coop.

    Our tarps are woven and tend to get leaks and shred easy, well this stuff is a thick plastic.

    It doesn't have grommets on the corner, but you just double over the edges and put a tiny hole in it and fasten with zip ties.

    The stuff is like 12' wide. It's folded over on the roll, so there are indents where it's been folded, to make it easy to cut (in straight lines!).

    It was about $15 a roll and could easily cover my coop run of about 12' long by 6' tall. We did the walls AND roof!

    If I think about it I'll grab photos.

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    Instead of poking holes in it that can tear out, if you twist up a small rock, wood chip, something like that, in the corners and tie a string, wire, zip tie, whatever, around that, it will be a lot less likely to tear out. I fold over, twist, fold again, then tie it tightly. This is harder to do in the center of a side as it will cause a slack if you twist it, but it works great at the corners.
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    Way to be resourceful!

    The only concern that comes to mind is if the underlayment is UV protected??? It may only be good for a season, but at that price who cares!
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    Quote:I have seen sheet rubber at home improvement stores. I am sure that UV would eventually put holes/dryrot in it tho. kRoofers put the same stuff on flat tar roofs. The gravel/tar mix shields the rubber underlayment from UV for a number of years/decades until it develops cracks and needs re-coating. Kool-seal over the rubber might extend it's life quite a bit.[​IMG]

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