Need to rehome 2 runner drakes...would like to buy 2 females.

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    I put this in the auction section, but I thought I'd put this here too in hopes of getting my boys new homes. =]

    I hatched three little runner ducklings in the fall and they all turned out to be drakes. I only want to keep one so there's no fighting among them.
    Gizmo is a white runner drake and Poncho is a gray runner drake.
    I'm asking $5 each for them.
    They're nice looking ducks (pet quality) and are a hoot to watch. Gizmo enjoys making a lot of noise... [​IMG]

    Here's the link to their ad with pictures:

    located in south-eastern Michigan and I'm willing to do a little driving.

    I am also interested in buying one or two adult females for the drake I'm keeping. I'm pretty sure he's a blue runner so I would like a blue female.
    He has his male feathers now and doesn't completely look like a blue anymore... His head is a pretty dark gray and his body is sort of a tanish-silver color. Is that what tha drakes look like? When he had his other feathers he looked completely silver. I can post pictures of him just so I can be sure.

    No ducklings please! I would like adults who can live outside and who like being around other ducks.


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