Need to rehome a young, beautiful rooster


Jan 12, 2019
Port Angeles, WA
Hi everyone,
Yesterday we rescued what we thought was a little red hen from a neighbor's yard but it turns out that she is actually a rooster. He crowed a very young crow 3 times when I was outside today. Our rooster Henry has been trying to fight him through the wire side of our chicken tractor, so we really do need to rehome him. If Henry got ahold of him, he will tear the young roo up. We just don't have room to build a second coop/run just for this new guy. He is really beautiful and his long tail feathers haven't grown in yet. If you know someone who would want him, please let me know ASAP. Or if you know of a rescue on the Olympic Peninsula that would take him, I would appreciate that information too.
Thank you in advance for your help!!


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