Need to rehome my cockerel

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    May 4, 2014
    Hi all im from the uk and I need to rehome my cockerel Id like him to go to someone who will keep him as a pet and not use him for fighting or eat him he will be 1 years old on 21st may 2015 but he's too much for my 4 girls and he's humping them all the time that they don't get to rest or grow back feathers :( I live in a built up area and no one has complained of him crowing just yet that's not the issue I love him dearly but I feel he needs to be on a farm to live out his life and I'm very cautious of who I will let him go too but I feel he needs bigger then a 20ft run and more ladies he is a handsome lad and I will be truly upset when he goes but if I keep him he will end up hurting my girls and they were here before him as he was a egg from a broody hen I let sit please someone help me [​IMG]
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    Once he's gone, it's out of your hands. You can search for a good home but finding one is unlikely.
    The reality is that for every 10 pullets hatched, there are about 9 cockerels that will be cooked. Even on a big farm with chickens, they'll only keep 1/10 on average.
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