Need to rehome my silkie :( - Southeastern New Hampshire

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    I have a gorgeous silkie rooster named Charly that I raised from a chick. We were sure that he was a hen until he started crowing at 6 weeks, and although he started off super sweet and cuddly, he gradually became more aggressive toward my fiance. We set him up in a coop at a nearby friend's house where my bantam orpingtons live, but he grew to be much bigger than they are, so they find him intimidating even though he's not aggressive toward other chickens. I thought silkies were bantams, but Charly is the size of a standard cochin hen!

    I need to find him a new loving home with some big sassy hens that are at least the same size as him, so they can't be pushed around by his erm, eager rooster ways. He is really a fantastic roo toward his girls - he finds food for them and always keeps an eye out for suspicious activity. I would love to keep him since I want to get some standard hens as egg layers anyway, but I just can't have that setup at the place where I'm living right now. :( Not for another 2-3 years.

    Attached is a picture of him as a chick - he would cuddle up on our shoulders it was so cute! He's almost a year old now and has beautiful, full plumage. Please let me know if anyone in the area can adopt him into their flock.

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