need to relocate our chickens because of health

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  1. canmanstl

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    Oct 12, 2013
    My name is Patrick ( canmanstl ) because of recent changes in my health, I can no longer take care of our chickens. I am writing to you to see if you could give me some direction on what I can do to give up our birds. We live in Wright City MO, I don't know if there are other BYC members in this area or not. I would appreciate any help or advice that you could offer. If needed our number is 314-302-2959. I thank you anything you may be able to do. I guess that I should let anyone/everyone know that our girls are about 15 months old, and have been very good egg layers! (because that's what chickens do) We have 4 Rhode Island Reds, and 5 Isa Browns. Anyone that is interested can also reach me at [email protected]
  2. chickenlover09

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    Jul 17, 2014
    I don't really know, but if you love your birds don't give them away. Charge whoever buys them a feeof at leas $15 (that seems like a lot, but I wouldn't want some stranger eating my girls). You can put them on petfinder, maybe you can hang up some signs at your local feed supplier/petstore. Do you know anyone else with chickens that you can give them to?
  3. AnnieSantiago

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    Aug 13, 2014
    Portland, Oregon
    Patrick, when I had to rehome Penny, I put an ad on craigslist.
    It is free.

    I had several offers to take her at $20.
    People are looking for hens right now.

    I asked a lot of questions because I wanted her in a small flock.
  4. canmanstl

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    Oct 12, 2013
    This a.m. we were able to relocate our chickens locally. It was truly with heavy heart, but some joy knowing that they will be well cared for. I want to thank everyone that was of interest, and those for the tips. Thank you BYC.

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