Need to vent about a customer's kids. (LONG STORY)


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Well, after 2 weeks of talking with this lady on the phone who wanted to come over and buy some of my ducks and roosters, she finally came over yesterday about 6:00 pm. She stood me up 2 times but that's another issue.

Well, she gets there and she has her 2 sons with her (ages about 13 and 15 years old). So they walk onto my property where all the animals are. I start showing her the animals that were for sale and she starts asking questions. So, then she starts picking out the roosters that she wanted to buy. So, as she is pointing them out, one of her sons runs over to the rooster and begins chasing the rooster. The rooster takes out running (of course). So, I immediately say, "STOP", let me get the rooster because I will need a net now that you have frightened and disturbed him. So the rooster is long gone by the time I get the net. At this time, the chickens are all going into their separate living quarters to roost for the night. So I hear all kinds of noise and I look around and one of her sons was in the chicken house grabbing for roosters. Chickens are flying out everywhere and flying into the wall trying to get out of the chicken coop. They are trying to get away from him. I ran over and screamed, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" He says that he is trying to get more roosters. I told him to, "GET OUT!" I told him that he was disturbing and upsetting my birds. I explained to him and his mother that my birds are NOT accustomed to someone chasing and tormenting them. I explained to them that if they see a rooster that they want, then to let me know and I will get the rooster for them being as though my birds know me and they trust me. So a few minutes later, I hear more racket. I look around and her son is in yet ANOTHER chicken coop. This time he has cornered a rooster and the rooster is smashed into the fence. At this time, I was ready to tell them TO LEAVE my property.
I didn't care if she didn't buy anything. So, I look at the mother and I'm waiting on her to tell her son to settle down and to stop his madness but the only thing that she told him was to go over to meet her. So, I'm thinking, "Is that all you're going to tell him?" So after I caught about 5 roosters for her, she wants to see more roosters. Less than 3 minutes later, I see her son walking from the back of my property and he has the right foot of one of my roosters in his hand and he is swinging the rooster back and forth. When I saw that, I exploded. I saw, "THIS IS ENOUGH. DO NOT TOUCH ANOTHER ANIMAL ON THIS PROPERTY." I told him that I DO NOT treat or handle my animals is such a rough manner. I said that I treat my animals with care. That is why they are tame and will walk up to anyone. I explained to him that he has come here and has disturbed my animals in a way that I do not think that they will settle down for the night. At this time another customer had drove up with his horse trailer to buy my sheep. I explained to her that she would have to hurry because I have another customer that drove 45 minutes to buy my barbado sheep.

I did let her buy the roosters because I had about 10 roosters that I had to sell. And she said that she was buying the roosters because someone wanted them. The roosters were not going to stay with her. (THANK GOODNESS) . That is the only reason that I let her buy them. If they were hens, then she would NOT have left my property with my hens. She asked if I had other animals to sell and I told her, "NO."

So after my last customer left, I walk into the coops to check on my birds and to lock everyone up for the night. As, I'm walking around I see chickens that have flown in the trees and chickens that have walked to the back of the property to sleep on the rabbit cages. Thanks to "Rough Randy" & "Terrible Tim" (those bad kids) my birds were so afraid that they took shelter anywhere they could. Well, as I picked up chickens and placed them were they should be, I locked the gates. As I'm locking the gates, I notice 3 chickens sleeping on the ground outside of the fence. More birds disturbed by "Rough Randy" & "Terrible Tim". I tried to catch them but I couldn't. At that point and time, they were even frightened by me. They ran under the truck but I couldn't get them, so I left them there. So, I woke up early this morning to catch them. They were all ok but I still wasn't able to catch them. They ran into the woods. So, I walk into the chicken yard and I find MORE chickens that were sleeping on the ground. I didn't see those chickens last night. They must have been hiding somewhere else because I didn't see them last night.

I am so upset this morning. Those little demons had no home training and the mother failed to supervise them and failed to correct them when they were doing wrong. I hope she NEVER calls me again because she and her KIDS are not allowed on my property ever again.

Sorry that this was so long but I had to get this off of my chest. I am so upset. My blood pressure is up. I don't drink coffee but I think I"m going to get 3 cups of coffee this morning. I hope that NO ONE has to EVER EVER EVER experience what I experienced. It was an awful experience.

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I am sorry you had to go thru this .. This is exactly why I do not allow anyone on my property to purchase animals .. I will load for sale animals in the truck and meet at a local gas station... I hope you can get everyone caught safely...
Even if I had to sell the roosters I'd have booted her and the monsters off of my property in a less than civil manner. Behavior like that is intolerable to me. I feel for your birds.
I'm with Coop Crazy on this. I am trying to go away from local sales and definitely from having people on my property. There are just too many different risks involved and I have had a couple experiences that have zapped some of my enthusiasm for even having birds.

I truly feel for you. It is people like that that make me think people should have to have a license to have kids or some people shouldn't be allowed to reproduce, LOL. Just kidding, but you know what I mean. Parents just don't "parent" anymore (at least some parents).
I work retail and its unbeilevable how kids and parents act these days. Even my 3 year old granddaughter doesnt act that way. I know some people handle their chickens that way I DO NOT. We went to an auction when we first started with chickens. After my DH saw how they handled the birds he said never again. My DD works same place as me and said she would have never dreamed of acting the way some kids do she said she just knew better. And the fear of me. I have on spanked my kids I can probably count on one hand and I have 5 kids. They told me when they got older I was the queen of guilt. Could make them feel bad for their actions. Or just give them a look was all it took.
If folks come to your place, you really need a "reception room" area and a sign that tells them not to go beyond a certain point, something with Biosecurity Area on it. Never let strangers around your coops. And there is no excuse for that woman's negligence with her sons--obviously they are a real joy in school, too.
My sons wouldn't have dreamed of acting that way at someone's home or they know their lives would be in serious danger from both mom and dad.
A bad experience. People with no respect for animals should not have them. You have my sympathy.

We have just started to sell some of our turkeys. When people enquire I ask about their plans for them, where they will keep them and what they know about keeping them. We take a lot of trouble to produce good, healthy and happy birds and will do our best to see that the ones we sell continue like that. I ask exactly what they want and if I am happy to sell I pick out some birds ahead of time and put them well away from the flock. I offer those and if anyone is dissatisfied with my choice they will go away empty handed. We have to maintain our breeding stock and not let people pick and choose. No-one runs around our property alone and what happened to you would have been over very swiftly on our land. We have to consider the setting hens especially, of course.

Those boys were old enough to know better, by the way.

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