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This is one of 4 new chicks I got from MPC. It will be 7 weeks old Monday, May 23. It is a Speckled Sussex and is supposed to be pullet. But I am concerned it may be a Roo. The comb is red and is starting to develop wattles. It is the only Speckled Sussex I have so I can't compare it to others. Your opinion is welcome. Thanks in advance.



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Definetly a little rooster I had a young pullet and she showed no signs of a comb or wattles. These seem to be a hard breed for me to raise though have had 2 one cockerel last year and he just didn't grown right was like a runt and finally died and this pullet was fine one day and died the next just got her a couple months ago
Thanks for the input. I had a sneaky suspicion it is a roo. I have had two roos prior to this one, I gave the first one away simply because he was getting abused (feather picking) by my hens. He was a silver laced polish. Then I had a roo that was the son of the polish that we got rid of two weeks ago due to him being very aggressive towards my children. I ordered this batch from MPC and they do have a guarantee, so I will be looking into that. This roo will stay but the moment he gets aggressive he will follow the foot steps of his predecessors.

As for the camera I used. It is the Canon EOS Rebel. I love it because of the ease of use and the total versatility to be very creative. Great camera that I have recommended to many friends.

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