Needed Hatching eggs for school Atl.Ga


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May 17, 2008
Concord GA
Hi All
Hoping to find some hatching eggs for a preschool project, and since I really need eggs my three adult hens stopped laying as much - getting maybe one egg a day. Anyway hoping to start the incubator weds.
If you have any to "donate" or for a small fee it would be great! You can have them back if you want them or thay can join the young crew here. (We have buff orp, black giants, and OEGB's - all under 6mos old)
please email or pm with info.
I can send you a few. They would be Cochin , Cochin mixed on Buff Orp , RIR and maybe Wyandotte. I also can send a couple of Pure Phoenix.
I can't guarantee the fertility on the COchins, my Rooster has not been as um athletic lately with the heat, but with the coolness he may have gotten in the mood.
I have 5 of my Phoenix eggs in the bator and all look good. I have 2 now and should have at least 2 possibly 3 more by Monday.
If interested PM me with an addy to send them too.

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