Needing Advice- Indian Runner with severe nasa/eyel resp. infection!

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  1. misskate

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    Aug 22, 2011
    Hello! I am new to this site... Our Indian Runner has a respiratory infection and I am seeking help/advice. It went on for a couple of weeks before we took serious action because this is our first time around with this kind of situation. Well, we are learning a lot quickly and it is rather stressful.

    First we noticed her eye was bubbly and foamy. We thought it was an eye infection and separated her from the others and rinsed her eye with salt water and chamomile throughout the day and gave her her own personal clean water. After a couple of days she returned with the others because it looked like it had improved.

    Then she got bad again... her eye, her little nostrils were clogged, and she smelled like rot around her upper beak. We brought her inside and she lived in the bathtub for 3 days/ 3 nights. We put her on penicillin and removed some of rot from the clogged areas. We put the penicillin in her infected eye and around the sore in her upper beak. Not much improvement to report.

    Now- to note.... she seems to be fighting it- she is showing no signs of pain from her behavior... and she is our biggest strongest duck still! Her breathing is heavy and impaired a bit- and her eye and sores are looking very swollen and bad. [​IMG]

    Today we got Tylon 50 and plan on injecting her tonite. We couldn't do it this morning because it was stressful finding a good spot in her chest muscle. I have read that it can be injected behind the neck as well. Any advice? Is there a better spot? How do we know where it is okay to inject...? Tonight we will inject her and I am really hoping for some positive changes... because it feels pretty extreme right now- like... if this doesn't work- I don't know what else to do!

    Our 3 other ducks and 2 chickens are perfectly fine. They have been around her for weeks and have shown no signs of infection--- do we need to worry?

    Is there anything we should do or know? Has anyone experienced this? Is there still hope for her? Anything will be helpful.


    Kate and sweet lil Mable.
  2. Enchanted Sunrise Farms

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    So sorry about your duck, Kate. i'm not sure how much i can help. Were it my duck, i would get it to a vet. We have a really good vet who treats chickens and ducks. You may not have one available. i have treated one of my ducks for an eye infection. Rinsed with saline twice a day and then terramycin eye ointment. It cleared up in about five days.

    But i've never had a respiratory infection with my ducks. Hopefully someone will come along shortly who can help.
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    I wish you would move this over to the duck thread, i know this is where you post for illness but you'd be talking to experienced duck people on the duck thread.
  4. misskate

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    Aug 22, 2011
    Thanks! Just posted under ducks!

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