Needing ideas ASAP!!! Food/water containers for Poultry for upcoming fair....


7 Years
Sep 16, 2012
Olive Branch, IL
We will be showing 24 animals (chickens, ducks, & rabbits) in our local fair THIS week & I do not have enough cans for their food & water. Any ideas of what I can use instead?? Must be able to attach them to the cages. I thought I started saving the cans early enough, but I'm like 30 short right now. EEEK!!
The last three years I've shown my chicken at fairs, I've used the red plastic solo cups. I'll use a hole punch near the top, and a zip tie to attach it to the cage to keep them from knocking it over.
I realize this is a little late for the fair but the white pvc caps for pipe make great feed and water dishes. You can find them in any plumbing section of hardware stores, they're cheap and freeze proof.

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