Needing opinions...had 2 girls, one died this AM....


10 Years
May 19, 2009
We are in the city & only had 2 girls. Went out this AM to let them out & my buff was laying dead in the coop. No trauma, had been acting/laying normal. Have no idea what happened! OK, so now we have just the one. On Wednesday we are leaving town for 3 weeks. Should I
  1. Find her a new home w/ other have 2 possible homes
  2. get a new pullet or 2 before we leave town....worried that they will think the neighbors who are watching them are their new owners
  3. Keep her alone til we return & then get a new pullet or 2
  4. keep her as the only chicken......thought it's not good to have just 1

Thanks so much for your advice & opinions!
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I don't know if there is a right answer. I may consider getting her a few friends if your neighbors are willing. That way your one girl won't have to fight way to top in another coop. Instead she will be top mamma hen and that would be nice for her.

Good luck. Aside from keeping her alone I think you have several great options, considering it is not the way you wanted things to go.:/

Sorry for your loss. Good luck.
Thanks so much jtbrown! I decided to get her some new friends
Neighbors don't mind a bit....I'm even letting their daughter name one
I wish I had more time to really look around.....going to pick out 2, 3 month old Cinnamon Queens tomorrow. Sure hope all looks well because if I'm not impressed, I won't go through w/ it. I just feel so sad for's her very FIRST night w/o Ginger (1yr 1mo)

Thanks again for your reply. I really appreciate you taking the time!

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