Needing to rehome my guinea... what is best??

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  1. So I had two guineas until vicious dogs killed my male and my hen has been calling for him ever since [​IMG] [​IMG]. I need some advice please...

    I am looking for a new home for my guinea hen because she is desperately lonely now. I have two alternatives I need to choose from:

    1 - A good friend of ours has guineas and is willing to take her but he also free ranges his (absolutely no caging system). I am worried that if we take her over there, she will run away looking for her old home. Do you think she will stay and flock with his other guineas?? I know he will not try and cage her to establish the "home" idea.

    2 - A lady responded to my ad on Craig's list and wants her. She cages her guineas but that is all I know about her. A lot of people around here don't take proper care of their feather friends and I would hate for her to be neglected.

    What do you think??? Thank you in advance!
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    I don't have guineas, but I wonder if you can contact the lady from Craig's list and ask if you can come by and meet her? You could tell her you've had a couple of offers and would like to see where your guinea may be living. Your guinea sounds very special to you and you could explain that to the lady. That way you'd have a better feeling about whether or not you should give her your guinea.

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