Negotiating a deal?


12 Years
Apr 14, 2007
I just got rid of a nasty roo. I was not afraid of him, just tired of his being too aggressive with my grandson and girls.. So, now I am 'roosterless' and the only thing I will miss are the crows!!!

I have talked to 2 different folks that will have POL hens (in the fall) of the breeds I am wanting to add to my flock..

One is BCM and the other is Blue Ameraucanas.., They are close by and they are good lines.

Both have stated that they 'usually' only sell in trio or quads (each must include a roo)... Well, I don't want no ol'stink roo! I want happy, healthy hens.. NOT chicks, not eggs, not roos....

So, how do I negotiate the purchase of just hens? Would it help to offer more for each hen? OR should I just buy the quad and get rid of the roo! Not sure it's worth the effort. Or just look for another breeder who will work with me.
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Mar 31, 2009
SouthEast Texas
If it were me, i would simply tell these breeders that if you can't get the numbers you want, you'll go elsewhere. If they don't want to negotiate, then follow through with your word. I would be very curious to find out why they have this policy. And if it weren't a good reason, i just wouldn't deal with them.

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