Neighbor’s dog and costs for loss


Mar 23, 2018
A neighbor’s dog has killed at least 10 chickens and 1 duck. According to local law he has to pay me back for the costs of the birds and for loss of potential egg sales and meat. What would that be? 3 isa browns, 3 barred rocks, 1 Americuana, 1 olive Egger, 1 easter egger, 1 speckled Sussex and 1 Peking duck. The barred rock were part of my oldest daughter’s production pen for fair.


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Nov 23, 2013
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It’s a shame, but usually those neighbors with the dogs won’t pay up.

I have a little story about someone I will call “La Gorda.”

A dog she was caring for (not actually hers) killed a few of my barnyard mixes back in 2017 or 2018. I had a few choice conversations with her, but La Gorda never owned up to what happened.

During the time that passed between then and now, we invested in a much more secure chicken run. Also, La Gorda moved very close by. I was very leery and rather angry that she had moved close. However, she doesn’t care for that dog anymore.

Then, a big surprise happened.

To my amazement, one day I saw a FINE Game fowl and some FINE hens. Who did they belong to??

I could not believe that La Gorda had started working with Old English or Modern Games. All along, I had thought she hated or disregarded chickens of any kind, never mind expensive ones like Games.

Because we are no longer on speaking terms after the dog attack, I bought a Game hen through an intermediary. Now, she is a very good broody.

La Gorda has a very fine Game rooster with perfect feathering, but I already have a nice rooster who is friendly, fertile, and doesn’t overdo the hens.

La Gorda’s fine Game Cock and his hens sometimes come to the farm to free range and I allow them. They are a pleasure to see. (They are usually in the garden, but I have seen them by the door of the run....obviously I don’t let them in because that would be stealing).

Strange things happen in the chicken world and all I can say is that a chicken owner needs to provide good housing.
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