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    Apr 22, 2008
    Yesterday morning our neighbor (who is a nice guy, but kind of odd), came and knocked on our door to tell us that one of our dogs had jumped the wall into his backyard. He says he was just watering his tree when all of a sudden the dog jumped the wall. The wall is almost 5.5ft so it required a bit of effort for him to jump it. I have a hard time believing that our neighbor wasn't in some way antagonizing the dogs. He tends to lean over the wall and look into our yard. He is a bit of a busybody and always seems to think that he should have a say in what we do on our property. Anyway, I apologized and came over to collect the dog.

    My husband was talking with our neighbor's gardener today and he mentioned that the other gardener he works with has been known to lean over our wall and antagonize our dogs by making noises, faces, and in general getting them worked up so that they jump at the wall trying to get to him. I'm sure that this behaviour led to the dog jumping the wall yesterday if they have been getting teased by the gardener. So now, I'm not certain what to do to keep my dog from jumping the wall again. I will say something to the gardener and to our neighbor to let him know how the gardener has been acting, but I don't want to deal with my dog jumping the wall all the time. Any suggestions?

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    You'll need first-hand experience before you make a final decision. Is there any way to document or view the gardener's behavior yourself? Otherwise it is just hearsay.

    You could alway run an electric wire around the fence, on your side. So if the gardener puts his hands over *ZAP*!

    Well, what was he doing hanging on to my fence, on the inside?
  3. PotterWatch

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    Apr 22, 2008
    Well, my biggest concern at this point is just to keep my dog in my yard. I will talk to the gardener about it whether or not I have any proof, just to let him know that we are aware of his actions. My worry is that now that he has jumped it once, he will continue to do so whenever he wants to go walkabout.
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    An electric fence would solve the problem on both sides. Oh and the culprit is very cute, looks like he can get away with more than just jumping the wall.
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    We have a border collie (she's the one in the "2 grand mal seizures" thread). She does agility, and didn't seem to draw the line at jumping our fence at will. Our solution was to add vinyl lattice to extend the height of the fence by 2'. It comes in 8' lengths and isn't ugly. I was able to find some at our recycling center, so it was practically free, but all the building supply stores around here carry it. She is now only on the other side when invited - through the gate!

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