Neighbor Claims my chickens have given her husband Histoplasmosis

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  1. Maddmim

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    May 1, 2019
    Indianapolis, IN
    Hi All,

    I am seeking advice. I have my very first flock, they were moved outside about 3 weeks ago. They are 12 weeks now, or so.

    Today my backyard neighbor, who I have never in my life spoken to came to our door with print outs from the Mayo clinic explaining Histoplasmosis. She claims our chickens have made her husband sick and is asking for us to move or remove our chickens.

    Before speaking to us, she went to all of the neighbors to tell them about our chickens and the risk they pose to everyone. So that made me really happy.

    Research tells me this is bologna, that although possible to contract this from chickens, it's in high volumes. I have 5 chickens that free roam the yard during the day and are in the coop at night. I have cleaned the coop every week as well.

    My city ordinance allows us to have chickens, so she has no recourse there. But I have literally no idea how to handle this. I can move the coop, I dont want to, but I can but I'm not moving it to the front yard as she has asked.

    Any advice from anyone who may have delt with something similar? I can easily tell her to pound salt but I want to be sensitive to her as she is my neighbor, and probably for years to come.
  2. Henriettamom919

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    May 1, 2019
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    Yikes. It kind of sounds like she's intentionally building things in such a way that makes me think she's considering/preparing for legal action.

    I would contact a university or avian vet, even out of area, and get some professional input on the statistical likelihood that this is due to your flock.

    I'm so sorry. I'm mentally egging her house for you right now! :hugs
  3. igorsMistress

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    Based on your area I would say it's more likely he caught caught it from breathing a fungus. It's quite common in the midwest. I would educate her and not do a thing with my birds. She's blowing it out of proportion.

    ETA With a wetter and/or longer than usual wet season all over this year I'll bet there are more cases this year than usual.
  4. Henriettamom919

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    May 1, 2019
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    Found this on a post from 2011 here. Can you see their yard? Do they have bird feeders?
    H. capsulatum fungus is already present in the soil, and grows in the droppings...according to the CDC the spores can be carried on wings, feet, and beaks, and carried on the wind. My little grandkids aren't allowed to clean the chicken area. I'm not sure how, but none of us ever contracted any diseases after having animals our entire lives. [​IMG] CDC link:
  5. ChemicalchiCkns

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    Oct 27, 2012
    I advize, always keeping your Cool, and documenting every Thing. If it comes to it, send her a letter by the post Office (adult Signature req'd) and tell her in it that you will not talk to her unless she consents to a recording and/or witness OR to send it through the Mails with a signature at the end of it.
  6. Criticalicious

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    Feb 25, 2017
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    OMG, printouts from the Internet? Sounds like she is WebMD'ing a diagnosis that is more likely allergies. The pollen counts are very high right now. Did you ask if he'd seen a doctor and gotten an actual diagnosis? If he did, you could always offer to let her come collect some samples if she wants to try and prove it. Also what @Henriettamom919 said - This fungus is more likely to have come from wild birds, not your chickens.
  7. Henriettamom919

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    May 1, 2019
    North of Seattle
    I agree, start documenting EVERYTHING! Even things like when you clean your coop, what you use, health of birds. Record the time and date and duration of every conversation you have pertaining to this situation.
  8. Henriettamom919

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    May 1, 2019
    North of Seattle
    The problem with samples is even if it's in her soil, that still wouldn't necessarily mean that's how he came in contact. I wouldn't give her a da#n thing that could fan this morons flames :smack
  9. chkva

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    Mar 20, 2015
    I'd ask for actual doctor paperwork, diagnosing from WedMD is a incredibly dumb thing to do... it always tell you that you're going to die or something even if you have a minor cold. I would get a vet involved, I would also start looking for lawyers in case she's crazy enough to bring legal action against you. I'm in shock that some people are this uneducated, but it's kind of how the world runs now... Everyone is looking to cause drama or get money.

    Get a notebook and time/date everything. It'll help you on the long run with someone like her. I wouldn't move anything to be honest, sounds like her panties are in a twist about you having chickens so she's trying to do anything to get rid of them
  10. Sea Wolf

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    Apr 30, 2015
    Document everything, including where you got your chicks. Were they vaccinated when you got them? They are too young and haven't been there long enough to do or cause anything. Your neighbor is off her rocker and needs a hobby. Tell her that her husband has no business in your yard kissing your chickens. Unfortunately, you can try to ignore someone like this but it will be like a constant pack of flies. Too bad she has gone around the neighborhood trying to turn all your other neighbors against you. Does she have a bird feeder in her yard? If so, take pictures of it and make sure you do so in such a way that the house can be identified with the feeder in full view. Some people should not have access to the internet.

    Do not give her anything in the way of photos, documentation or anything else. Nothing. If she grills you, do not answer her questions. Dismiss her and ask that she stay on her property and off of yours. In the meantime ... Make positively sure that your chickens have no way, accidentally or otherwise, to get onto her property .. ever. If your fence is not high enough (at least 6 foot), make it higher even if it is with chicken wire or some other wire fencing. Chickens can fly to some extent and I have had mine go over a 6 foot stockade fence when something startled them.

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