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Dec 26, 2008
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We have an outside pit bull...he's on a runner somewhat near the coops. I will willing to chance that he'd nail one of my birds IF it ever was out of its pen and IF he ever got off the runner- neither ever happens due to diligent management.

Yesterday AM i woke up at 530 to find him on the porch, scruff up. digging at the back door. He was loose...

I went over to my pens and the duck pen ( holding my brand new, exhibition calls and exhibition runner trio) was annihilated. no ducks, one 'puff' of feathers. door pried up from the bottom corner.

I figured he MAY have gotten them, but honestly i thought someone stealing them was more likely ( and that is not likely). He has prey drive somewhere in that big blue blockhead of his but honestly the birds he has killed have been licked to death and i find him still liking , holding them and they are usually naked . He wouldnt care enough about them to actually work the door. So i chalked it up to a horrible horrible mystery and hoped my ducks would come back.

This morning at 530 my guinea alarm went off and i ran outside. The rottie that my dogs have previously run off was in my pen area and so was a friend- a long haired husky mix. I think they were the ones who got the ducks.

SSS is not an option since we do not own a gun- I also do not want to simply maim the dog because im pretty sure that just injuring a dog and not killing it is not legal.

I was thinking of posting a flier at the local mom and pop gas station..we only have 5 or so neighbors and they ALL go there. . . I was going to detail that I've lost livestock and Ive seen these dogs and I'd appreciate them being kept at home before i peruse further action. We are zoned agriculture and live in Georgia so I am not sure of the laws and not savvy enough to look them up. I would not mind getting something for my pen that was destroyed ( full hardware cloth sides and door) and the several hundred dollar ducks. I think if we fenced the back part of my coop area off we could trap the dogs in there pretty easily. we dont have animal control but im sure i could get someone to come take them away.
actually I'm better than I thought...

§ 4-8-4. Liability for damage done by dogs

(a) The owner or, if no owner can be found, the custodian exercising care and control over any dog which goes upon the land of another and causes injury, death, or damage directly or indirectly to any livestock or poultry shall be civilly liable to the owner of the livestock or poultry for damages, death, or injury caused by the dog. The liability of the owner or custodian of the dog shall include consequential damages.

(b) This Code section is to be considered cumulative of other remedies provided by law. There is no intent to do away with or limit other causes of action which might inure to the owner of any livestock or poultry.

Laws 1969, p. 831, § 4.
§ 4-8-5. Performing cruel acts on, or harming, maiming or killing dogs

(a) No person shall perform a cruel act on any dog; nor shall any person harm, maim, or kill any dog, or attempt to do so, except that a person may:

(1) Defend his person or property, or the person or property of another, from injury or damage being caused by a dog; or

(2) Kill any dog causing injury or damage to any livestock or poultry.

(b) The method used for killing the dog shall be designed to be as humane as is possible under the circumstances. A person who humanely kills a dog under the circumstances indicated in subsection (a) of this Code section shall incur no liability for such death.

(c) This Code section shall not be construed to limit in any way the authority or duty of any law enforcement officer, dog or rabies control officer, humane society, or veterinarian.

Laws 1969, p. 831, § 5.
Did you get them trapped in the pen? You are going to need proof, either catch them on the property or take pictures of them (if you don't shoot them, which is what I would do). They will be back, so have a camera ready. Do they have collars on? I would not post the damage they have done (no one will claim them, as the owners are financially liable for the damage and loss). Get you proof, call the sherriff, take pics to your local vet, he should be able to tell you who owns them.
I am not suggesting but just saying that there are ways of dealing with these dogs that is adequate and cheap and humane and all at the click of a mouse.
What an awful thing to wake up to. I'm very sorry.

I have three suggestions. You could run electric fence around the duck fence. One of your friends could SSS for you. Or you could seriously think about getting a gun. We had dogs running wild here and they did kill a few of our chickens. I was just waiting for them to come back. Got one but have no idea where the other one disappeared to.
I'd probably trap the dog (they sell BIG havaharts) and take it to the local shelter. Either the irresponsible dog owner will go bail the dog out, and that costs, or well, if they don't, you know what the shelter will do ..... but you won't have to do it yourself.

If you're rural at all, you just have to have a .22 rifle around. Not owning one is like not owning a hammer.
Get proof, pictures, and keep track of dates, damage, cost, etc... Then I'd SSS. Who knows if these dogs will not come after your dog, or you for that matter. They have a taste of blood now. They will be back.

Our poultry are our babies... sounds like your area provides you with laws that will protect you. What makes a neighbors dog more important than your own poultry or pets?? However you decide to follow up... good luck to you.
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They will be back. You really need to get something that orotects,not only your chickens but your family members also. Things have a hbit of only getting worse. Protect you loved one;s.
You need to do what you need to do to protect your babies. We had a dog come visiting in Oct. He killed 12 of my hens. He got away that morning and came back that night for more. He is SSS. Will not kill my babies again. I do not like to kill anything but I will not allow something to kill my chickens, goats, dogs or cats. Good luck.

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