Neighbor mad about rooster...suggestions?


Jun 25, 2020
Hi all

I am at a bit of a loss on what to do at this point. Our latest neighbors moved in about 4 years ago and they are NOT friendly 🤦
Our community is zoned agricultural and we can do whatever we want out here. Some neighbors have anything from diesel mechanic factories on their property to owning actual lions and kangaroos etc. Property varies but lots are at least an acre and a quarter(what we have) up to 100s of acres. The name farms is even in the community name.

Most recent neighbors have never been friendly. We try to be considerate neighbors. Heard the man cursing out our dog because he was barking (during the day outside)so I bought him a shock collar for barking and call him in if he barks or if I ever see them outside.

Fast forward to the pandemic. I finally convinced my husband to let me and the kids live our dream and get chickens. We put the coop up way back on our property (our lot is long and narrow) the furthest point from any neighbors as our back yard neighbors have the most property. We of course hatched some roosters and we rehomed all of them...5 to be exact. I let the kids hatch a few more eggs to help with the grief of rehoming all these babies and of course we got two more roos. These roos were so awesome though and we loved them.

My side neighbor of course started to know the neighborly way. Mumbling curse words at me when I would come in my gate. (this guy has never been friendly once) and then having his wife text me. So we rehomed the dominate rooster that did crow fairly loud. However, that left us with the one we really want to keep. He is so small and gorgeous. A frizzle blue bantam polish. His crow is so weak the girls won't even play with him 😂. He only crows during the day.

I came home to a letter in my mailbox today that says YOUR ROOSTER CROWS FROM 6AM TO6PM EVERY DAY. THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS. Then it was signed by him.

I don't want anyone to be miserable in their own house and I believe he works second shift and sleeps during the day. That being said we will most likely never again find a rooster that is so quiet (he does not crow non stop and I can't even hear him in my house which is frame while theirs is CBS). I also think that if we get rid of the rooster it is not going to change our relationship with them at all and he will just find something else to complain about. If their any neighborly dialogue I might think differently.

Again we try to be good neighbors. We cut down a big oak tree near their property line so they could grow a tree they planted as we saw the shade from our oak would kill it. We keep our yard tended always and I do the best I can with the noise. The chickens are in Omlet coops with autodoors so they are locked up sunset to a few hours past sunrise now that it is cooler. Work days they are in the run and on weekends we let them out to free range.

I am just wondering what you would do. Should I rehome him? So far I have just ignored the letter. Feeling really sad today.


Oct 23, 2021
If the keeping of roos is allowed and all other codes (setbacks and such) are being followed, I would continue to ignore him. If more letters came, I would report him for harassment. If the letters aren't post marked and just slipped in the mailbox, I would report to the postal service.
yup. thread should end here.

unhappy guy can go be unhappy somewhere else.

good luck.


Free Ranging
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Aug 7, 2011
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Agree. Study every code in your city, township, county (whatever applies) HOA rules if you even have those, and if you are in compliance then just continue to ignore him.

He seems like the type who likes to throw his weight around, be the tough guy of the neighborhood, everyone else is supposed to adjust their lives around his wants. Life is so unfair to him, so everyone around him needs to be miserable too. But it's fun for him to cause drama, so don't give him any by responding to him.

You've already been more than reasonable by rehoming your loud rooster. Rather than continuing to give up more and more, little by little, as he keeps pushing, just ignore him. He will no longer see you as a source of drama, so maybe he'll turn his attention to the people who keep lions and kangaroos.

Both of us work night shift, so I do have sympathy if this guy is trying to sleep in the daytime. It's annoying when our neighbors start up their lawnmowers or leaf blowers just when we're dropping off, but we'd never consider complaining to them - we recognize people do their chores when they have time, and we consider it a decent trade for us not having to commute in the worst traffic or do our shopping at peak hours. Earplugs and blackout curtains work pretty well!

Oh yeah, maybe you should lose your dog's shock collar. This guy's complaining should not be forcing you to cause pain to your dog for just being a normal dog.


Apr 15, 2020
SE Virginia
I hate to say it, but do think about installing a trail cam near your coop in case he decides to do something to your chickens 🙁 . Just make sure it isn't pointed towards their property so he can't complain about that too. They are also a good thing to have so you can keep an eye on any night time predators. Our neighbor was able to reinforce his run before the raccoons broke in after he saw them on his trail cam.

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May 26, 2009
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I'd make a last ditch effort to befriend the neighbor with a dozen or two dozen eggs, could be a one-off gift or monthly. Food on the table often softens the grumbling. If this gesture doesn't soothe the bear, then ignore him and QUIT being so danged nice and accommodating towards them. Some entitled folks are only encouraged to act out even MORE entitled the more often others cave in to their demands.

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