Neighbor rant... Update, hind sight is always 20 20.

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    I am going to make this as short as possible. About a week ago we had to call the dog officer on the neighbor's dog. Earlier on today around 3pm, I had a 'run in' with my neighbor's (Alan) son, David. He drove up in front of my house on his motorcycle and came up to the door. He banged on the door so hard that the house shook. My mom went to the door to see who it was, and we had never seen this man before in the entire time we have lived here. He was wearing a Boston Police shirt, so we thought it was a cop at first. My mom went out to talk to him and before we knew it this guy was threatening us. He said we didn't belong here and that we were welfare bums who had better move or else.
    This really upset me - everybody has fallen on hard times. I feel so bad for my mom, I have been sick for seven years now and she worked two jobs just so we could get by. Then she got sick about three years ago (gangrene appendix) and lost both of her jobs, and recently she was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease and arthritis of the spine.
    At this point, I could only heard my heart beating in my ears. I grabbed my german shepherd and told him to get off my property. He kept on saying that we didn't belong here and that his motorcycle was worth more than my house. Then my neighbor's Ron and Nancy witnessed what was going on and came over to help. I called my other neighbor before I knew that Ron and Nancy arrived, then I called 911. He was threatening my mom and my life. The cops came and talked to everybody and told us that there isn't anything they can do at this time, but if he comes back they'll arrest him. I am terrified of what this guy will do in the future. Luckily, all of the other neighbors are awesome and are there if we need them.
    Sorry for the rant, I just need to vent.
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    Sorry for your pain. The illnesses, well we haven't experienced those in particular, but I understand pain and can only hope you have a good doctor that works with you.

    As to the neighbor. Is there any particular reason that he knows your business? How would he know your finances? IF you guys are on disability or unemployment, etc. how does he know about it? Since you've never met him clearly YOU didn't tell him. So, someone close to you, who has been entrusted with your struggles is blabbing your personal business to the world.

    Best way to prevent that is to find the source of the leak and cut them off so they can no longer spread your private issues.

    Besides that, you need to figure why this person has a problem with you. If you're paying your bills, taking care of your land, not interfering with them in any way I donno what you can do. But, for example, if you know your dog is getting out and harassing the neighbor then you pen up your dog. (not your case, just an example).

    Also... I would seek a protective order or restraining order against this person. This is someone you have done nothing to. They have no cause to harass you. But even if they did have cause (ala the dog example) there are LEGAL channels they could use. Instead this guy showed up and made criminal threats (which is a crime in at least some states). I would contact the DA and seek a PO or RO based on this. You have a record of the police call. You need to act NOW. If you wait then this instance will be old and thus cannot be used as evidence for a need for immediate court intervention. IF you have a PO or RO on the books and the jerk shows up again then the police can actually do something about it.

    Don't know your state's laws, but that is what I would TRY to do if some psycho showed up at my door.
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    Quote:Hopefully, since you've seen him once since you've lived there, you won't see him again. sorry he is a jerk
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    May 11, 2010
    Another drunk mouthing off.
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    Next time he comes on your property, a gun in his face will make him leave. Since he has been reported harassing you, his call to the police will mean nothing.
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    So sorry you are having neighbor issues. I have bad ones too. Some people are just plain mean.
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    Document everything, write it all down and get the good neighbors to do the same. Make sure your dog doesn't get out, report the other neighbor's dog as needed.

    Find out who's mouthing off about your situation and if it's you or your mom telling others, stop it immediately.

    Stop posting about it on the internet unless you are using fake names.

    Do NOT put a gun in the guy's face. Call the police if he even parks in front of your house.

    I would imagine this whole thing was triggered by the "bad" neighbors telling their son you had reported their dog. Sounds like the son has some issues, the wearing of a police uniform shirt makes me think he does that just to try to intimidate people. He must think he's a real hotshot. [​IMG]

    Sorry about your mom's illnesses, take care of her. I hope this will be the end of your situation. Best of luck to you guys! [​IMG]
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    Quote:Mostly I agree. Since I do not see any actual names posted, this is not an issue, and if it makes the op feel better to have an outlet, by all means continue.

    I cannot tell whether the OP is an adult or a bit younger (don;t say your age if you are a minor), and I also wonder about the neighbor's son's age. I have a bit of a different reaction if he is 16 vs if he is 26.

    I would guess this was set in motion by your calling about their dog. If you dog was loose and casueing problems, they were in hte wrong, not you, and you were corret to call animal control.

    He might have already had issues with you for unknown "reasons"; he seems very predjudiced or he wouldn't have brought up finances and called you welfare bums. If you and your mother are afraid of him, find out the criteria to get a restraining order, and if he meets the criteria, do so. Consider a call to his father to see what is going on, and ask him to control his son. If there are issues there, depending on his attitude, either try to work them out or realize that he is a part of the reson his son reacted.
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    Thanks for the support everyone. [​IMG]
    Unfortunately, they know ALL of our business because they are or at least were big shots in this town. The mother of the son is on the Housing Authority Board and the father is really chummy with the cops. I can't prove that they obtained, what ever info they came to have about us, illegally. I wish I could.
    I can't believe that he could be so bold to do such a thing - coming up to our door! We HAD to call on their dog because it had been aggressively barking for hours on end at us on our property. Also, he lets it roam throughout the neighborhood and encourages it to do 'it's business' on my lawn. Just for the record, my dog has never done anything to anyone. I grabbed her that day for protection.
    As for the son's age, he has to be in his mid-40's. I have to tell you that he is a scary looking dude who could really hurt somebody or something if he wanted to. His father is the same way, and has the same attitude.
    I wish I could get some kind of PO, but I know that can't happen unless he does continues to harass us.
    Haha, I have something better than a gun, and her name is Gracie

    From what I have been told, we are the first people to stand up to this family. They are just very territorial people who think they rule this town. Not anymore. [​IMG]
    Thanks again for the support, I really appreciate it!
  10. smileyfacecat

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    Jul 24, 2009
    Wrentham, MA
    Tonight at exactly 8:30pm, an officer called. He said he was reviewing the report and wanted us to come down the the station and file for an emergency restraining order. We went, filled out some paperwork and called the on-call judge. Long story short, the judge was a jerk -- we didn't get the order approved. The cop was very frustrated, he couldn't understand why this judge would deny an order against this guy that verbally assaulted my mother (which is by definition, abuse), threatened our lives (terroristic threats), and claimed that he "knew people"(intimidation). So, me being curious, brought up that I wanted to know is this guy has a violent 'past'. He looked down at a piece of paper (I am 80% sure it was David's arrest record) and had a very concerned look on his face. Then he said in a tone somewhere between concern and urgency, "Go to the court house first-thing in the morning...and we will file for another order in front of a judge"..."I will email EVERY police officer in Wrentham and tell them about this case". This officer's whole energy changed when he read that piece of paper, so I bet there was something scary/worrisome on that report. Will see what happens tomorrow -- I'll keep you posted. Wish us luck.

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